Recharge your batteries in lake country

A land of lakes, springs and rivers, Haute-Marne is "France's water tower", where the Aube, Marne and Meuse rivers all flow. Come and cool off along its 1,800 km of rivers and relax on the banks of its 5 man-made lakes, including one of Europe's largest: Lac du Der. The lakes invite you to take an enchanted stroll, lulled by the lapping of the water and the song of the birds.
A prime location for seaside and nature tourism, protected for the richness of its flora and fauna, you'll be able to spend some peaceful hours here.
The canal between Champagne and Burgundy offers an alternative way to live to the rhythm of the water and discover the diversity of the Haute-Marne countryside at your own pace.

Haute-Marne, land of water

Photo, © On met les voiles

La famille Courtel

Former Parisians living in Haute-Marne

During a weekend of discovery organised by the Attractiveness Agency, we fell in love with Langres, especially when we visited the ramparts, with their view over the forest and the Liez lake 15 minutes away... ideal with children!

Breathing fresh air in magnificent forests

In Haute-Marne, you can breathe easy. Forests cover more than 40% of the territory. Stroll along the paths of the National Forest Park, a green lung covering 250,000 ha that protects one of the greatest diversity of trees in France.
For centuries, from the top of the ramparts of Langres or from the tower of La Boisserie, the breathtaking views over distant horizons have inspired great men, from Diderot to De Gaulle.
Today, more than ever, these environmentally-friendly areas offer the perfect setting for sustainable development, a rational economy and an appreciation of nature.

Our wide open spaces and forests

Photo, © Les Droners

Antonio VIDAL

Orthopaedic surgeon at the Langres hospital centre, Barcelona native

In Haute-Marne, you're close to nature, you can do all sorts of activities: I do my gardening, I go mountain biking, I go swimming in the lake... I feel like I'm on holiday almost every day!

Go green in the heart of unspoilt nature

In Haute-Marne, the alchemy of water and geology creates unique natural environments. Unspoilt flora and fauna flourish in the shade of the forests or by the water's edge.
Come and contemplate the monumental natural petrified staircase of the Rolampont tufa, the rare varieties of butterflies, dragonflies and salamanders in the Chalmessin reserve, the swarms of birds along the banks of the lakes and rivers. They are an invitation to contemplate.
Enjoy the serenity of a day's fishing or a walk in the forest and savour the calm of this omnipresent nature for a weekend or a green holiday.

Our most beautiful natural sites

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Nature photographer

I really needed to get away from it all and live in a peaceful, natural setting for my work.

Wide open spaces for the whole family

Are you coming with your family? In Haute-Marne, nature blends with the great outdoors. Make the most of this environment by taking part in outdoor activities.
Climb trees for an afternoon stroll in the shade of the forests. Cycle along the banks of the canal between Champagne and Burgundy and discover a wide variety of landscapes.
On the water, row or sail on one of our 5 lakesor cool off in the natural flow of a river.
In Haute-Marne, experience life from a natural perspective!

Nature activities for all the family

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The wide-open spaces of Haute-Marne also mean